Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Clare Edwards


I'm Clare Edwards and I set up this website in 2014 to share some of the tips and secrets I have learned since becoming a personal stylist. I believe everyone has the right to feel amazing about themselves. Self-confidence may come from within but what you wear on the outside can make a huge difference. I want to encourage everyone to become the very best version of themselves.


I worked in the corporate world of investment banking for 10 years before leaving to have my son. Jack is now seven so I thought this was the right time to realise a lifelong dream of mine and become a personal stylist. I was trained by NHJ Style (a styling company set up by Nicky Hambleton-Jones from Channel 4's '10 Years Younger' TV show) and awarded their prestigious internship. I now run my own personal styling business. 


I hope you enjoy taking a look around and if you have any questions or style issues, I'd love to hear from you.