January 29, 2019

PHOTO: Trousers (part of a suit) - ASOS; shirt - J Crew; cards - Galeries Lafayette; trainers - Air & Grace

Hello! Long time, no speak. Hope you are all having a good day and I must thank you for sticking with me as it's been about a decade since I last updated my website. I'm not one to dwell on the past though so let's just ignore that and concentrate on the fact that I've opened up my laptop and am ready to write......

At this time of the year many perfectly sane people decide to deprive themselves of something they love and attempt to make major changes in their lives via their New Year's Resolutions. By the third week of January the stats are that 90% will have failed. This is why I believe that denying yourself anything is the route to unhappiness. I know we've all heard the adage 'everything in moderation' a million times but it truly is a good phrase to live by. Whether it's alcohol, sugar, clothes, crisps or peanut M&Ms, telling yourself you can't have something is a s...

October 9, 2017

I know, I know, it's been about four years since I last blogged. Summer has been and gone and we are now firmly ensconced in autumn. And what a glorious place to be. While I do love sandals, shorts and summer dress weather, I rather enjoy the slight chill to the air and the wonderful colours this time of the year brings - I'll obviously be complaining about the cold in about two weeks. Given it's not quite coat weather just yet I'm going to turn my attention to jackets. Your all-season saviour. Wear with everything from t-shirts to knitwear to dresses to skirts to jeans. Here's my rundown of my current favourites.

I bought this Vila beauty last week from a lovely little boutique in my home town of Berkhamsted called Muse. The owner, Barbara, always gets it just right and this fabulous green suede jacket is no exception. It also comes in a wonderful rich burgundy. I obviously had great trouble deciding between the two but I'm very pleased to say I exercised some self control and only bou...

June 9, 2017

Come here. No, a bit closer so I can whisper in your ear. I've got a secret to tell you. No, not that; I've discovered some new fashion brands! Just when you feel like you're completely overwhelmed by all the amazing choice we have on the British High Street I'm going to make things harder for you and introduce you to a few brands that might not be on your fashion radar. Most of these brands are small companies set up by amazing women who want a little bit more out of life. All are flying the flag for British retail. You may have heard of a few of these already but hopefully at least one of these is new to you.


Broderie collar layering shirt - ME+EM £89 

Clare Hornby has an eye for what women want and need in their wardrobe and ME+EM has been answering these needs since 2009. The brand focuses on good-looking, flattering, beautifully made clothes and it certainly delivers. My favourite pieces are the layering shirts - you need one in your wardrobe. The quality of the fabrics is...

May 22, 2017

Pineapples and watermelons seem to be all over the place at the moment but there's only one fruit I'm interested in today and that's mango (see what I did there?) A rather clumsy way of introducing the subject of my brand focus but that shouldn't detract from the fact that Mango are definitely worth your attention. They are somewhat known as the slightly scruffier sibling to the Spanish behemoth that is Zara but Mango are working hard to steal some of the fashion spotlight. I must say I find their retail stores rather horrid as the strip lighting is always harsh and the merchandising just doesn't have the same punch as Zara but I love their website as it is easy to use and showcases the clothes really well; unlike Zara who are increasingly moving to a more fashion editorial look which does look very current but you can't always see the clothes in their best light.

Here are my current top picks at Mango so take a look and see what you think:

Baywatch message t-shirt £17.99

I know, I k...

March 30, 2017

When I was little I had a yellow basket bag with raffia flowers that I absolutely loved. Oh, I took that bag everywhere from school to the park to bed. Eventually it gave up the ghost after carrying a few too many stones for my Care Bears' rockery (come on, don't tell me you didn't have a rockery for your Care Bears??!!) but I have never forgotten my faithful friend. So imagine my delight when I realised the rest of the fashion world had come to embrace the basket bag. Only problem now is which one do I choose....

Clockwise from top left:

Raffia cross-body bag with strawberries - Zara £49.99

Straw bag with pom pom detail - ASOS £28

Go bananas wash bag - Accessorize £12

Personalised rattan shopper - SWYC £29

I think I am going to have to hold myself bag from buying all of these ones. The Zara one with the darling strawberry detail is just lovely and will look fabulous with a white summer dress and metallic flats. However I also feel I need the ASOS pom pom basket which would make an idea...

February 2, 2017

I don't know about you but I am a sucker for anything personalised. I would have my initials tattooed on my forehead if only I knew I wouldn't instantly regret it. If it's got a C on then it's in my basket so here are a few of my favourite monogrammed pieces.

Leather monogram pouch - Anthropologie £38

This is a lovely little purse which isn't really much use for anything but looks very cute indeed. I actually think no girl can have enough small zipped things to put stuff in so I'll be buying myself one of these. 

Little Marlborough tote bag - Liberty London £395

This is a little pricey for a whimsical purchase but it is a real beauty and if you are looking to have a bag splurge then this is worth a look. The colours are different depending on which initial you choose and there are also several non-initial versions which come in a glorious array of colourways.

Monogram and pearl earrings - Anthropologie £24

Cute little earrings are all the rage at the moment. Perfectly sane intelligent w...

January 25, 2017

PHOTO: Pinterest

While it's hard to move for sale dregs at this time of year there is probably one look that you may have already noticed taking over the High Street; the statement sleeve. It's not one of the most practical around I must say as care must be taken not to dangle your cuffs in your dinner but once you have mastered this a statement sleeve will bring your wardrobe bang up-to-date. The statement takes many forms from billowing arms to tie details to pleated cuffs so there is something for everyone. Please do be aware though that a flared sleeve will add overall width to your top half so keep everything else simple and fitted.

As usual there are options aplenty on the High Street so here are a few of the pieces that have caught my eye.

Puffed sleeves sweater - Mango £39.99

This jumper by Mango takes big sleeves to a whole new level. You'll be hard pushed to get a coat over this - always thinking of the practicalities - so layer a denim shirt underne...

January 13, 2017

January is all about Fresh Starts. The New And Improved You. One can't move for diet books, new exercise regimes, Davina McCall and all manner of clever ways to stop drinking/smoking/etc. Personally I think January is a rather odd time to try to become a new person as it is not the cheeriest of months. Giving up alcohol, sugar or whatever your vice when it is quite miserable outside seems all very depressing to me. And the thought of embarking on a gruelling fitness campaign when it's still dark in the mornings is not my idea of fun. While I am not advocating a life of slovenly, unhealthy living I am all for doing whatever you can to get you through until Spring. My own personal demon is buying stuff. By stuff I mean clothes. And shoes and bags. And skincare and makeup. Don't worry I am not going to suggest anyone gives up buying something as important as stuff. God forbid. I tried it last January and while I did succeed I didn't lose any weight or become fitter or in fact feel any the...

November 24, 2016

I've lost something and I don't know where it is. It's not down the back of the sofa or in the stuff drawer or at the bottom of the Washing Mountain. It answers to the name of 2016 and I think it must have just upped sticks and walked out of the front door (I don't blame it) as it can't be nearly December already. However this is neither the time nor the place to lament on the earth-shattering significance of 2016 - we shall save that for January's post-Christmas reflection. For now I am firmly focusing my attentions on The Christmas List. And by this I do mean my own Christmas List not what I am buying for other people. Always sort out your own oxygen mask before helping others, remember that.

Firstly a caveat. I do know that my chances of receiving any of these items are slim to you-must-be-joking but I think that is the point of a Christmas List. Who wants the predictability of actually receiving things one has asked for? Where is the fun in that? If I don't pract...

October 7, 2016

When I got my first job in the late nineties I looked forward to one day above all others (apart from payday that is) with the eager anticipation of a child on Christmas Eve - the September day my 2 inch thick Next Directory would land on my doorstep. I would practically block out a whole weekend to spend browsing its contents and turning over the corners of the pages featuring pieces I just HAD to have. And we all know the dilemma of wanting something on both sides of the same page. Which page to corner! Talk about critical decision making.

However somewhere between that first job and my first mortgage payment, I fell out of love with George-at-Asda-Davies' behemoth. I started actually being charged for my clothing bible as I never ordered anything and after a number of years of stacking them up as doorstops, I cancelled them. I can honestly say I haven't bought anything in Next for about 15 years - oh wait, that's a lie, I got some fabulous tan fringed loafers earlier t...

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