What to wear with every colour


  Here is my series on colour matching and what colours to wear together. It all sounds very simple but I think sometimes we can all get a bit too bogged down by over-thinking things.


  "Well, obviously red and green. Unless you're a Christmas elf. And there's even a rhyme about it so it must be true, " announces my friend when I ask her for her no-no colour pairings. While it is true that one needs to be careful not to look like one of Santa's helpers, it's all about shades. Get the right shade of red and the right shade of green together and you can look positively regal.


Whatever shade you go for you can always tone it down with a neutral (camel, navy, grey, cream)

or add some evening glamour with metallic accents. Have fun with colour and experiment - you never know, you might discover a whole new you!