Green is the colour of nature, the colour we see all around us. It is also the colour which the human eye can distinguish the most shades of. It is a gorgeous colour to incorporate into your wardrobe as it is very versatile and can be understated or the star of the show. My golden rule for wearing green is to create a colour pairing that exists in nature - a true match made in heaven.


Mint - Get this wrong and it can be a bit too sugary-sweet. It is all about the fabric you choose and which colours you match it with. It is at it's best in sparkly, sheer fabrics and when teamed with dark grey can look amazing for evening. Pair it with gold for opulence and with pale blue for a feminine look.

Grass - This cheerful shade will take the spotlight with its bright, fresh tone. Keep everything else to a minimum when you're going for grass and pair it with blue or grey to keep it looking sophisticated. It is a wonderful pairing with bright pink but keep the shapes simple so as not to look too preppy.

Olive - A wonderfully flattering shade which can be treated like a neutral. Combine this shade with other earthy tones such as rust and gold and you are onto a winner. This tone can be a bit grungy so pick tailored styles. It looks fabulous with red too so try it with a red lip.

Bottle - A dark, forest shade of green this has yellow undertones so suits a more rosy complexion. For those with a more yellow-based complexion, keep it away from the face. Again, go for autumnal shades like orange and brown. It looks fabulous with a blue-based purple like violet. 


PHOTO: Stella McCartney, Max Mara, Giorgio Armani.