Is your wardrobe full of clothes yet somehow you never have anything to wear? Then this is the service for you. In the comfort of your own home I will come and edit your wardrobe, identify key missing pieces and give you outfit ideas.


During the Wardrobe Edit we will:


  • Discuss your lifestyle and how we can make your wardrobe work for you.

  • Determine your bodyshape and show you how to dress for it.

  • Discard items that no longer work for you and do not flatter your figure.

  • Create new outfits from the items already in your wardrobe.

  • Identify gaps and key essential pieces that you need to pull your existing items together.

  • Organise your clothes so it's a joy to get dressed every morning.


For the cost of those three tops you've got hanging up which still have the labels on them, re-vamp and refresh your life with my wardrobe edit.


Price: £149; Duration 2-3 hours

Clare Edwards Personal Stylist
Clare Edwards Personal Stylist


This service is all about taking the stress out of clothes shopping. Maybe you find shopping a chore as you're not sure which styles suit you or you can't ever seem to find anything you really like. If so, a personal shopping day is just what you need.


As part of your Personal Shopping experience we will:


  • Discuss what you want to achieve whether it's a whole new look or just a wardrobe refresh.

  • Identify the styles and shapes that suit you and how to shop smarter and avoid those costly mistakes.

  • Shop with the existing items in your wardrobe in mind to create outfits from those pieces you already have.

  • Work within the budget set by you.

  • Look to try new styles that you may not have thought of before.


With ongoing style support after your session I can answer any questions you may have about your new outfits.


Personal Shopping sessions will usually take place in London's West End due to the greater variety of stores.


The session will last between four and five hours including a morning coffee and a quick lunch.


You'll pick up shopping and styling tips that will last you a lifetime so what are you waiting for?!


Price: £265; Duration 4-5 hours

Clare Edwards Personal Stylist


Gather a group of your friends or work colleagues together and I will come to your home or office and take you through the trends for the season using clothing and accessories from a variety of brands. I will then conduct one-to-one styling sessions with each person to discuss a particular style dilemma they may have.


Price: £299 for up to 8 people. I can organise events for larger groups so please contact me for more details.





I offer personal styling services for both women and men. Personal styling isn't just about clothes, it's about feeling great about yourself and giving you the confidence to make the very best of yourself. I've worked with all sorts of people from mums to high-flying executives to students to those in the public eye and I style each person according to individual needs, lifestyle and budget. 


For more information on any of the services I offer, please contact me or call me on 07989 488230.



This is a new service I am offering to those who are short on time or maybe do not want to go through a total wardrobe edit. 


During the Wardrobe Re-fresh Hour I will:


  • Go through your existing wardrobe and put new outfits together.

  • Determine your bodyshape and show you how to dress for it.

  • Suggest styles that you may not have previously considered.


If you are looking to make the most out of your existing wardrobe and just feel you need some hints on how to breathe new life into it, this will be an hour well-spent!


Price: £59; Duration 1 hour