The Beginning….

This is it. I've done it. I've actually set up my blog site. Finally. Finally for me, that is - it's not that anyone has been waiting with baited breath for me to share my thoughts with the cyber universe…..First things first, why am I doing this? I believe there should be a whole lot more colour in our lives and I am going to try and set the ball rolling. Colour can inspire so fingers crossed. Here goes….

It's certainly the season for colour and I thought I should start with my favourite shoes (gives you a very good idea of my style...). There is no harm in mixing lots of bright colours together but make sure you pick complementing shades. Either go all bright or all pastel. You can mix the two within the same colour palette but when contrasting it helps to stick with one end of the spectrum. Personally I would always stick to a maximum of three colours.

Photo credits:

Shoes by Office

Dress by Gap

Bag from a boutique in Spain.