Just Add Colour

PHOTO: Colourworks, Monica Vinader bracelets, Kate Spade earrings, Astley Clarke rings, J Crew necklace

If you are not used to wearing much colour then the thought of it can be daunting. Most people are unsure as to the colours that suit them and so stick to a neutral palette of blacks, greys and whites. A simple way to introduce colour to your look is using jewellery. I love to tie my jewellery into my outfit by picking out colours and highlighting them in a necklace or bracelet.

Here is a quick guide on how to wear coloured jewellery:

  • Bracelets Everyone is wearing an arm full of bracelets at the moment but you don't need to go that far. Just 3 simple complementing bracelets is more than enough. Mixing metals is perfectly acceptable just don't pick more than two - silver and gold or silver and rose gold, say. You could select one bracelet that is a solid metal colour, one that has some coloured thread or suede and one with coloured beads, for example. You can pick colours that are in your outfit or contrast with complementing hues. Monica Vinader does amazing coloured friendship bracelets and please do check out my own Colourworks collection on my Facebook page.

  • Necklaces Statement necklaces can be tricky to wear as you don't want them to totally dominate your face. If you are going to go for a statement necklace then wear simple stud earrings and keep other jewellery to a minimum. A black, navy or white top is a perfect backdrop for a colourful necklace. If you are going to add any further colour to your outfit go for colourful jeans or shoes. My favourite brands for statement necklaces are J Crew and Selected Femme.

  • Rings Coloured rings are an easy way to experiment with colour as they can make a real statement without dictating your choice of clothing. Astley Clarke design some gorgeous enamel rings as part of their Colour collection - perfect for stacking.

  • Earrings I tend to find people are either big earring wearers or they're not. If you are then remember to keep your necklace very simple or go without one. If you are not used to wearing colourful earrings then just start with some simple coloured studs and go from there. Kate Spade is the queen of colour so check her collection out. Tresor Paris do some cute ones too.

Just experiment and give it a go - you never know where it might take you on your colour journey!