Life's A Beach

PHOTO: All items are from Accessorize. Beach courtesy of Antigua....

I'm on countdown to my holiday in lovely Nerja, Spain, and my mind has turned to packing. Packing can be a nightmare but the first step is to decide what you want to take with you. I challenged myself to shop for a capsule beach holiday wardrobe from only one shop. The lucky winner (?!) was Accessorize. Here's what I picked and why:

  • Jewellery - Beach jewellery is tricky as you don't want to look tacky but it's always nice to do a bit of accessorising. Go for bright colours and don't whatever you do spend a fortune. Your beach jewellery is likely to come into contact with suncream, sand, perfume and all sorts of fine jewellery no-nos so keep it cheap and cheerful.

  • Shoes - Beach means chilled out and pared down. Don't be tempted to overdress as you'll just feel out of place and probably just end up a sweaty mess. You'll need sandals for the beach and these can double up in the evening. Take wedges for poolside glamour and some flat comfy shoes in case there's any walking to do.

  • Swimwear - I'll be arriving on the beach with white wintery skin so my desire to step into a bikini on the first day is not overwhelming. Start off with a one-piece in a dark shade to build your beach confidence. Navy is a universally flattering colour. Once you've got a bit of colour, move onto a tankini or bikini in a brighter colour. Neon shades are for the super tanned.

  • Clothing - As already mentioned, beach holidays are a casual affair so pick hardworking pieces that can serve as beach cover-ups and bar outfits. A maxi dress is perfect for this as you'll feel covered enough to lunch in a cafe by the beach and in the evening just add a statement necklace and you'll be ready to hit the bar. Shorts aren't a bad idea either as you can instantly dress them up with wedges.

  • Extras - Don't forget a good roomy beach bag which you don't mind getting sandy and possibly covered in sun cream. Pack a purse too to keep your valuables separate (this lemon wedge one is fab). A sun hat is also a must to keep your hair and skin protected.

Well, I'm off to pack; just need to take my own advice. Chances are I'll still be sitting on my suitcase minutes before we need to leave trying to stuff an extra four pairs of shoes in.....and another bag.....oh, forgot this necklace.....