What to Wear Now

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This always seems to happen; we experience a hideously wet August so think it's safe to put away all our Summer clothes only to find we are in the midst of a balmy September. Admittedly it has turned colder these past few nights but the days are still filled with glorious sunshine. This is a problem for the shops because they just can't shift their new AW14 stock (not so much of a problem for us though as it means there are sales and special offers galore at the moment.) Dressing for this time of year is tricky though. It is known in the trade as 'Transitional Dressing'. I think this just means put a cardi on....

I love the green and yellow combo in the photo from Zara. A very good example of how to dress for September as the top is a muted dark tone suitable for winter but the trousers are straight out of your Summer wardrobe. Here are some ideas:

  • Mix and match: Take pieces from your Summer wardrobe and mix them in with new pieces. Take a bright Summer top and pair it with dark trousers or jeans. Introduce some muted tones into your outfits. You can also still get away with wearing shoes rather than boots at this time of the year so keep those ballet pumps and sandals on for a bit longer.

  • Layering: Don't get carried away by adding too many layers though as you'll end up looking like the Michelin Man and won't be able to bend your arms. Stick to a maximum of 3 layers.

  • Just add tights: You can get some distance out of your Summer dresses by adding opaque tights and a dark coloured knit. This will give your look a nod to Autumn and mean you can just whip off your knitwear if the sun comes out.

  • Accessorise: At this time of year accessories are especially useful. Become best friends with a scarf and it will see you through all sorts of sartorial challenges. Also adding belts and hats can bring your outfit into Autumn without leading to over-heating. Just don't wear them all at the same time.

  • No midriff, please: No matter how warm it is do not be tempted to bare your midriff. That is for the beach only or in the height of Summer only if you can do the ironing on your stomach.

  • Leggings: Another failsafe is leggings. I used to think leggings were only for my Pilates class but they are such a great way of keeping warm without having to put tights on. I will say go for the best quality fabric you can as there is nothing worse than threadbare leggings around your upper thighs.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts as very soon we'll be in boots, faux fur and coats. And if in doubt just remember to put a cardi on...