Baby It's Cold Outside

Gucci Burberry.jpg
PHOTO: Burberry, Gucci

Well, that's it now summer is officially over. Winter is on its way so it's time to bring out the coats and boots. While I do love summer with all its floaty dresses, pretty sandals and colour I feel ready to break out my winter wardrobe. This season cosy coats and jumpers are everywhere from faux fur scarves to horse blankets masking as ponchos. The image of Cara Delavigne in her monogrammed Burberry wrap is everywhere and where Cara goes, mere mortals follow.

Personally I've never understood the poncho thing as they remind of that picture of Clint Eastwood on a horse from some Spaghetti Western. However the shops are full of them. A scarf is a great way to get cosy and ASOS have some fabulous striped ones that hint at the Burberry blanket without too much cowboy.


Available from ASOS

My favourite part of this trend is faux fur. While I do not believe animals should be killed solely for their fur I do think it is perfectly acceptable to fake it. Faux fur is affordable, animal-friendly and downright lovely. I always feel very glamorous when I am in faux fur and I shall be fully embracing the trend this season. Do check the label though as there are still some brands, even on the high street, that use real fur. There is a wonderfully quirky brand which has recently launched called Shrimps which uses faux fur in wonderful colours to create some truly unique pieces. It is however at the top end of the budget spectrum so I've been digging around to see if I can find some more affordable alternatives. Here goes:

Faux Fur.jpg

Clockwise from top left: Zara, Warehouse, ASOS, M&S

I hope this inspires you to try out the new cosy cool trend. You'll be grateful for it come the depths of winter, believe me. Oh, and Cara, there's a very cold horse out there who'd like his blanket back please.