Are We There Yet?

Is it time to go back to school? Please let it be time to go back to school. I love my family as much as the next person but I don't think I can take another day of "What can we do today?", "Can I play on the iPad", "I can't find ....... (insert anything you have asked your children to find since June). The first day of term is a very wonderful thing. You've waved your little ones off at the school gates and that feeling of freedom never gets old. Just sitting somewhere. By yourself. Alone and quiet. Oh the silence. Behold the joyous silence. Once you've enjoyed that glorious cup of something hot (the operative word being 'hot') it's time to indulge in my second favourite part of Day One and that is shopping. Not just shopping but shopping without the moans of a small person in your ear constantly. Nevermind Kevin the Teenager, in our house Kevin is seven.

Alas, that day has not yet arrived so I am currently satisfying my craving for all things new by hitting the internet. My first stop is Pinterest. Hours can disappear surfing the visual musings of millions of super stylish folk and here are a few of my favourite Pinterest people:

I shall be attempting to find a blanket cape this season that does not look like I'm off to a picnic.

Oh, Poppy, Poppy, Poppy. You even look like one. A divine one at that. Snakeskin heels and a fabulous red coat have just shot to the top of my Lust List.

This maroon/dark brown suede skirt looks very lovely indeed with a plain shirt and black tights. It (almost) makes me want cool autumnal days. Almost.

Nothing says autumn like a lovely chunky knit and this grey one is just gorgeous. The white and tan are a perfect team.

I'm not normally a trainer wearer but I shall be embracing the trend this season and I especially love them with leather skinnies and knitwear.

So it looks like I'll be arriving at pick up on Day One in snakeskin heels, a red coat, grey chunky knit, a suede skirt and a blanket cape. "Mummy, you weren't wearing that this morning?" Now where's that iPad when you need it....?

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