Dare to Flare

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

PHOTO: Miranda Kerr, Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo

This season the trouser shape of the moment is the flare. Weren't we doing that ten years ago, I hear you cry, and twenty years ago and in the 70s? Surely I can just dig out my bootcut jeans from the last time the sartorial roundabout stopped at Wide Leg Trousers? Oh come on, you know by now that's not what fashion is about. Every time a trend gets re-invented we have to buy the same thing all over again. However, the SS15 flare does have some subtle (and not so subtle) differences though so beware; get it wrong and you'll look like you belong in an early noughties girl band not on the chic streets of Milan.

First off, flares take a lot more effort than skinnies. This is because the whole point of the flare's carefree nature is to look like you didn't try too hard and we all know that a too-cool-for-school vibe takes a huge amount of work to pull off. The footwear is key - pointy heels poking out from the bottom of your pavement-grazing denims really will catapult your look back to Victoria Beckham's WAG era. Platform sandals are the way forward for this season and if you really want to shoot to the top of the charts wear them with 15 denier, me neither. Failing that, a pair of suede ankle boots (with a stacked heel) will do nicely for now while the sun decides whether or not to put his hat on. Once he does, switch to sandals.

The other major difference that will keep your look up-to-date is the rise. No one in the fashion world cares that you've been doing the Insanity workout and can now serve dinner off your abs so keep your six-pack to yourself. No low rise jeans with crop tops thank you very much. Keep the waistline mid to high and you'll hit the SS15 nail on the head. Your legs will also look longer so that's a rare trend-inspired bonus. Also say no to the big belt buckle. I don't even need to justify this one, it's a given.

The length is a key factor too so go for a slightly cropped ankle grazer rather than a floor grazer. This will keep the look fresh and mean the hem of your trousers won't become distressed and covered in filth from the pavement. You can still go long just no hem-dragging. Alexa Chung has a range for AG that are set to be the go-to choice for the season so check those out for inspiration.

Now for your choice of top. Keep it floaty and loose. A tight vest top is going to do nothing for your nonchalant look so steer clear. If in doubt adopt either one of these mantras; 'What would Rachel Zoe do?' or 'What would Rachel from Friends do?' Follow the first and do the exact opposite of the second (ps my love for Rachel from Friends knows no bounds so this is not personal, it's fashion).

This should be enough to get you started on your flares journey for 2015. Let's just hope All Saints aren't re-forming or we'll all be tempted to drag out our wide leg combat trousers......please no.