Re-doing Your Vows

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

PHOTO: My husband and son's matching outfits

My husband's lovely sister got married this weekend to a wonderful man called John. They had a year-long holiday romance twenty years ago before embarking on their own separate life journeys and then met again in 2012 when fate decided the time was right for them to spend the rest of their lives together. I am bursting with happiness for them (and particularly envious of their Vegas/Maui/New York honeymoon) but the whole affair got me thinking about my own nuptials 10 years ago....would I do anything differently if I could do it all over again? Would I stick with the large friends-and-family affair or just fly to Las Vegas and let an Elvis impersonator bless our union?

Well, first off, I will say that one thing I would keep the same is the groom. Let's just get that clear. While fashions and tastes have moved on since 2004 I do still find my husband to my liking. Oh, and I'd quite like to keep the venue the same too please - a Gothic Revival country pile in the woods of Hertfordshire is really rather a pleasant spot for a wedding. However, the first thing I would change is my journey there. I don't mean my metaphorical journey from singledom to married life, I mean the actual car journey. That final trip taken by daughter and father before she marries into another family and leaves her Miss status behind is supposed to be a wonderful, emotional and poignant goodbye......not a windswept voyage spent clutching hold of veil/tiara/hair/flowers/whatever is in danger of blowing away into the Bank Holiday gloom. I know what you're thinking, what did I expect getting married on a Bank Holiday weekend? The cloudy skies were inevitable and an open-top car was a truly ridiculous idea. It looked pretty though.

The table favours needn't have been so stressful either. Please can someone tell me why we all get so hung up on putting little things on the table. I challenge anyone to remember the favours from all, if any, of the weddings they have been to. The only one I remember was a bottle of Clinique Happy perfume - such a lovely gesture that it deservingly remains memorable. The perfume aside, one would hope that there are more memorable things at a wedding than whether the sugared almonds were pastel pink or lemon yellow. I will remember the favours from this weekend though as they were Cancer Research chairty donation badges in memory of the bride and groom's mothers (two separate people I might add....) which was an emotional reminder for all of us.

Actually as I think more and more about it there are fewer things I would change than I initially imagined. Maybe my tastes haven't changed that much after all....doesn't mean to say I wouldn't like to do it all over again, please, finished off with a fabulous holiday. Oh, and back to the King of Rock and Roll, we did renew our vows in 2010 in front of the great man himself in Vegas but that's another story.

Clare Edwards Personal Styling