Get Shorty

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

This season you can't move in the shops for shorts. They are everywhere from tiny denim cut-offs to floral bermudas to those dreaded culottes. It wasn't that long ago, I'm sure, that shorts were the kind of attire that only made it into your holiday wardrobe or your gym wardrobe (due to the high possibility of no one you know seeing you in either situation) but now they have become part of our mainstream wardrobe. And I must admit, I do love a good pair of shorts. They are so much more practical than a skirt and so much more grown up (even though they happen to be my 7 year old son's garment of choice). I'm not yet convinced that they are an entirely suitable workwear option as many a magazine would have you believe but I do think they bridge the gap between casual and smart quite beautifully.

I hope I don't even need to mention anything that shows any bare cheek as they are definitely a no-no and should only been seen in 80s rock videos or preferably burned. This includes denim Daisy Dukes which are not appropriate for anyone over the age of 30 no matter how killer your legs are. The secret to a good pair of shorts is the length. Make sure they do not stop at the widest point of your thigh as this will only highlight your leg at its largest point. Go for soft floaty floral ones which look more like a skirt (but keep them mid to high thigh so they lose the culotte look) or try something a bit longer that finishes a couple of inches above the knee in a tailored style. If you go for white shorts make sure the pockets can't be seen (if they can just sew them up and cut out the visible material) and wear nude undies to avoid the dreaded VP (forget the L, your entire P will be on display for all to see). Whether you choose a shorter floaty pair or a longer tailored pair, balance the top out accordingly.

The shoes are also make or break with a short. Personally I would always add a heel with a pair of shorts to enlongate the leg and bring some femininity to the look. A chunky heeled sandal is the perfect pairing and there are lots of them about this season. Alternatively if you do want to wear a flat, go for a gladiator sandal. Avoid Converse or anything too sporty unless you are playing golf.

A quick guide to wearing shorts but if none of that floats your boat then grab your denim cut-offs, backcomb your hair and put on some Bon Jovi. I won't tell anyone.


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