Leaving so soon Summer?

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

It barely feels like we have dipped our big toe into Summer 2015 and it appears to have wandered off. Dressing for changeable weather is one of the most challenging of sartorial dilemmas. Nevermind carrying around the kitchen sink in our handbags we need sunglasses, an umbrella, a scarf, spare shoes and something to flatten our frizzy hair down with.

Ideally we would all have someone following us around with our entire wardrobe to hand but failing that we'll have to settle for layering. Layering always sounds so simple but there is the fear of the Michelin Man effect - you think you've got your layered look sorted and then you try and bend your arm to pick up your coffee and realise all circulation to your hand has ceased. Not a good look - or a good feeling for that matter.

On such a day as layering is required I begin with a simple jersey dress. One with shoulder straps so I can wear it alone when the sun finally shines through. I then throw on a lightweight jumper. This turns my dress into a skirt when the wind starts up and can be draped nonchalantly around my shoulders in a faux-Parisian fashion when it's not required. I pop some closed toe flats on that I don't mind getting wet ie anything non-leather and slip a pair of leggings into my bag which I can wear under the dress if it actually gets cold. And if it all goes horribly wrong I break out the mac. Ten years ago I wouldn't have been seen dead in a coat with a hood let alone actually put the hood up but oh how things have changed. Namely I became a mother and all worries aobut what I look like went out of the window. Finally I finish off with a bag that zips closed and, voila, I'm ready for whatever Mother Nature can throw at me.