A New Discovery

I've discovered a new brand. I feel like Columbus must have done when he first set eyes on America. Ok I can't lay claim to being the first person ever to set eyes on Uterque but it's new to me. Uterque is Spanish and it's owned by Zara's parent company. Need I say more. I've no idea how you pronounce it but Uterque has got my very excited. Personally I find a lot of new brands touted by fashion magazines as the Next Big Thing can be a bit too off-piste for me. Some collections look fabulous on the website as exactly that, a collection. Intergrating single pieces into your wardrobe can be a challenge. But I have managed to find a place in my wardrobe for every single item on Uterque's website. Go me. I shall now take you though a couple of my favourites.

I don't normally go for blanket capes as I can't shake off the picnic/Clint Eastwood connotations and the word 'poncho' hurts my ears but these two are already in my mental wardrobe. Eeny, meeny, miny, both.

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Checked poncho £95; checked wool cape £215

This circle print top will add a brilliant splash of blue to your neutral separates and this cutwork shirt is a nice little twist on the classic white shirt.

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Circle print top £75; cutwork shirt £75

A classic pair of checked trousers will see you through many a season as they are smart enough for the office and just add flats and a denim shirt to bring it down to the weekend. They are also available in white but the black pair have caught my eye. The co-ords are a big deal this season and these trousers have a matching top so you can wear together or apart.

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Checked trousers £85; openwork trousers £95

Fringing is everywhere and I like the detail on this black dress. Keep everything else very simple as you do not wish to look like a lampshade. This blue dress is just a fab colour. That is all. Oh, make sure you belt it if you need waist definition.

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Fringed dress £145; straight cut dress £115

Knee high boots are updated this season in suede so make sure you grab yourself a pair. These have a stretch panel at the back so there's half a chance they will actually fit one's calves. I like a mannish shoe and these heeled lace-ups are all shiny and new.

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Suede stretch boots £165; burgundy bluchers £95

There is something about a print silk scarf that evokes images of stylish walks along the Seine. I am yet to manage to pull off the smaller style without looking like an 80s air steward but this one is a biggie so I think I'll manage it. The world has seen plenty a statement necklace in recent years but I like the simplicity of this one coupled with the texture.

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Checked foulard £85; petals necklace £85

So there are my picks. I've since discovered that Uterque is not new in the slightest. It is the same age as my son....good job it hasn't take me 7 years to discover him....