Runway to Real Life

The September Issue of any fashion publication is one of their most important. It is the issue that is about an inch thick and weighs more than a small child. The pages are filled with images from the coming autumn/winter season and what we should all be wearing once all the suitcases are back in the loft and the kids have gone back to school. However while I love nothing more than poring over these precious pages I generally find that nothing I see can actually be worn by an actual person in actual real life. I fully appreciate that the clothes on the runway are not meant for general consumption, they are there to provide inspiration and wonder and fuel our desire to head to our local High Streets for a suede coat and ransack our wardrobes to see if we already have a fluffy gilet and a pair of knee high boots (hurrah! I have both!). Translating the looks we see on the runway into outfits we can wear in everyday life is what we spend the majority of the season attempting to do. Typically by the time you've cracked it February has arrived and the shops are full of bikinis.

There is a lot of opulence in store for the next season from suede to embellishment to jacquard to snakeskin. It's all about luxurious fabrics; think of something made out of your grandma's best curtains. This look from Maison Margiela is not entirely suitable for the school run but here is a more toned down version.

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Catwalk: Maison Margiela

Coat New Look £99

Trousers River Island £42

Top Oasis £36

Shoes M&S £35