Style on the Sidelines

It has begun. Football season, that is. And I don't mean the Premiership or Premier League or whatever it's called now, I mean kids football. It seems to occupy every part of our weekend and I know it's not just football; there are hundreds of rugby, hockey, netball, horse-riding, lacrosse and cross country mums (and dads) out there who are freezing their bits and pieces off every Saturday and Sunday in the name of being a supportive parent. It has forced me into survival mode ie I desperately need a very warm, very waterproof coat (last Sunday I was also forced into wearing some day-glo, hi-vis vest but less said about that, the better.)

So this week I am in search of a winter coat not of the Millets variety but something altogether more stylish....

Zara is a good place to start given its continental slant (and everyone knows Europeans LOVE a puffer jacket) but I fear I must choose between being warm or being can't beat a bit of faux fur though.

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Water repellant trench coat £39.99; Parka with faux fur hood £89.99 both Zara

The high street always puts on a good display of winter coats but not many of them are, dare I say, practical. All this faux fur is going to look rather wretched in a downpour. Drowned squirrel is not the look I am going for. The faux fur on this Gap puffer is detachable so that's a good start.

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Chevron down puffer jacket £109.95 Gap; Drummer hooded zip coat £180 French Connection

I have gone a little more casual here and trawled the what I would call 'kids' brands (ie stuff I am too old for....) and actually this Superdry number may cut it.

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Pop zip hooded windcheater £69.99 Superdry; All-weather jacket £69 Hollister

But I feel I may need to look to the professionals and admit that this is not a job for the fashion stores but one for the serious outdoor sports brands. Therefore I fear I shall be the owner of a sensible coat very soon.

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Didriksons Thelma Ladies Coat £169.99 Complete Outdoors

I think this Didriksons one will do the job nicely and I know I will not regret the expense come a rainy Sunday in November. Good luck to all who grace the sidelines this weekend and every other until March. We shall be rewarded in heaven....after we've done all the dirty kit washing, that is.