Shop your Wardrobe

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Well, so far, so good. We're halfway through the month and I've succeeded in not buying anything. I must say it has been hard - not working down the mines hard obviously but it's not been a walk in the park I can tell you. Temptation is around every corner. I seem to be inundated with emails about lots of lovely new spring stock from every brand under the sun and every shop I pass has shiny new clothes winking at me from the window display. I have however resisted and while I'm slightly annoyed that those lovely cropped lace trousers from J. Crew are now sold out and I will never own that red coat from Zara my bank balance has never been healthier. And my account isn't the only thing that has benefitted; I am now being much more creative with the clothes I already own. I am shopping from my own wardrobe.

I never thought I would say this but I've come to the conclusion that it's actually better to have fewer clothes (!) During my spending embargo items that I would usually pass over in favour of something sparkly and new have now been given an airing. I've been experimenting with layering and belting, mixing and mis-matching and I can honestly say it is very rewarding. I've even been customising some of my old clothes! Given the cropped, frayed hem look is de rigeur in the denim world I have had a go at a bit of sartorial DIY. I've loped the bottom off a pair of old straight leg Gap jeans and, hey presto, I have a new style of trouser to wear. This make do and mend lark is a piece of cake. I've also been trying out new outfit combinations like belting a longline cardi over a pair of dressy trousers and layering a shirt underneath a jumpsuit.

However, as enjoyable as my new voyage of wardrobe discovery has been I am still marking the January days off my calendar with a big fat red pen. Come February the 1st I'll be tracking down those lace trousers like a woman possessed. Abstinence, our little holiday romance was fun while it lasted but I don't think we are a marriage made in heaven. Now, where's my wallet?