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PHOTO: L-R Burberry Prorsum, Rochas, Emilio Pucci, Celine

Now that my spending drought is over I am faced with the tricky dilemma of what to buy. I've been checking out some of this season's trends to inspire me and I came across one that fills me with dread. Underwear as outerwear. Urghh. It is always around in one form or another and I'm never sure whether this is just an excuse for people not to get dressed of a morning or whether the fashion powers that be particularly like seeing women in their underwear. Who decided this was a good thing? Either a man or someone with the lithe physique of a prepubescent teenager. Either way it is such a hard look to pull off. I gave it a go the other night when I went out for dinner. My husband informed me from across the table that he could see my bra. No, no, I said, it's the fashion, see it's not my bra it's a lace-trimmed camisole blah, blah, blah. Surely if you have to launch into a five minute soliloquy to explain your outfit then you've not so much avoided hitting the nail on the head as missed it entirely.

I imagine myself wafting around in a lovely slip dress with some gorgeous grey knit nonchalently thrown over the top but every time I actually picture myself leaving the house in it the levels of self-consciousness hit the roof and I feel I must apologise to everyone I meet about looking like I've only just got out of bed (even though we all know no one actually wears silk lace slips in bed unless it's their anniversary or they're Mariah Carey....). I am however trying to find a few wearable pieces and I think I have managed it.

Obviously Zara is the place to start for any trend-led shopping so here we go. This lace trimmed t-shirt is the way to do it I reckon. If you have any lace showing around your neckline then it does look like your undies are on display so have the lace poking out elsewhere. This is also available in white but I think the black is a better bet. It is a slightly flared shape so wear with something skinny on the bottom half.

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Lace Hem T-shirt by Zara £17.99

If the t-shirt doesn't float your boat then how about these shorts? I absolutely love these and they are currently hanging in my wardrobe waiting for slightly warmer weather. Wear with a long sleeved top or shirt to balance the amount of leg on show. Once summer kicks in bare those arms in a t-shirt or sleeveless top. Team with heels (I'd recommend wedges or a chunky heel) for evening or a flat sandal for day.

Flowing Bermudas by Zara £29.99

An easy way to add this trend into your wardrobe is with a silk camisole. We're going back to the 90s here so chuck a tailored blazer or leather jacket on over the top and you are good to go.

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Pink Lace Trim Cami by River Island £28

The co-ordinated pyjama look is going nowhere but this takes a brave fashionista to pull off as one can't quite shake the couldn't be bothered to get dressed vibe. Dress up with heels and jewellery to reinforce your nightwear-as-outside-the-house-wear look. This runway look from Topshop Unique is full of attitude - no one is going to question whether she's off for a sleep.....

Elystan Shirt by Topshop Unique £135; Elystan Shorts by Topshop Unique £95

The slip dress has also re-emerged from the 90s and is just as difficult to wear now as it was then. You can always layer it over a white t-shirt or shirt so as not to leave nothing to the imagination. I still think this look is best left to Generation Topshop and Kate Moss however.

Clare Edwards Personal Styling

Flower Print Dress by Mango £25.99

I must admit I am now filled with slightly less dread regarding this trend. I will however be fully prepared for the strange looks and questions about whether I am aware that I came out in my pyjamas. If in doubt I'll just throw a diva fit and pretend I'm Mariah Carey.....