I don't know about you but I am a sucker for anything personalised. I would have my initials tattooed on my forehead if only I knew I wouldn't instantly regret it. If it's got a C on then it's in my basket so here are a few of my favourite monogrammed pieces.

Leather monogram pouch - Anthropologie £38

This is a lovely little purse which isn't really much use for anything but looks very cute indeed. I actually think no girl can have enough small zipped things to put stuff in so I'll be buying myself one of these.

Clare Edwards Personal Stylist sevendaystyle

Little Marlborough tote bag - Liberty London £395

This is a little pricey for a whimsical purchase but it is a real beauty and if you are looking to have a bag splurge then this is worth a look. The colours are different depending on which initial you choose and there are also several non-initial versions which come in a glorious array of colourways.

Clare Edwards Personal Stylist sevendaystyle

Monogram and pearl earrings - Anthropologie £24

Cute little earrings are all the rage at the moment. Perfectly sane intelligent women are getting their ears pierced all over again and if you go to Maria Tash at Liberty you will be asked to part with hundreds of pounds for the privilege. I'm too long in the tooth to go through the care required to look after a new piercing so I'll stick with re-piercing my second hole from 1992. I've not seen these earrings in the flesh but the reviews say they are quite teeny which in my opinion is a good thing.

Clare Edwards Personal Stylist sevendaystyle

Initial necklace - Alexi London £45

Just in case you forget your name an initial necklace can come in very handy. This one from Alexi London is available in gold or silver and has a cool ribbed effect. I'll be wearing mine with long layered necklaces.

Clare Edwards Personal Stylist sevendaystyle

Red leather tassel bag - Say What You C £95

If an initial is not enough for you then how about having your entire name emblazoned on your handbag? This gorgeous leather tassel bag from Say What You C comes in taupe and red and you can personalise it by having your name in gold letters on the strap. What more could a monogram addict ask for?

Clare Edwards Personal Stylist sevendaystyle

Chloe alphabet bag charm - Harrods £55

No list would be complete without an entry from one of the big hitters. In this instance I'm currently drooling over this Chloe charm. And very charming it is too. Unfortunately the bag isn't included......

Clare Edwards Personal Stylist sevendaystyle

I don't think I'll ever tire of having my initials on everything I own but just in case it all gets out of hand please do remind me that the tattoo would be a really, really bad idea.....