Come here. No, a bit closer so I can whisper in your ear. I've got a secret to tell you. No, not that; I've discovered some new fashion brands! Just when you feel like you're completely overwhelmed by all the amazing choice we have on the British High Street I'm going to make things harder for you and introduce you to a few brands that might not be on your fashion radar. Most of these brands are small companies set up by amazing women who want a little bit more out of life. All are flying the flag for British retail. You may have heard of a few of these already but hopefully at least one of these is new to you.


Clare Edwards personal stylist

Broderie collar layering shirt - ME+EM £89

Clare Hornby has an eye for what women want and need in their wardrobe and ME+EM has been answering these needs since 2009. The brand focuses on good-looking, flattering, beautifully made clothes and it certainly delivers. My favourite pieces are the layering shirts - you need one in your wardrobe. The quality of the fabrics is superior to any other I've found at a similar price point. Sign up for the email updates so you don't miss out on new product launches as some pieces sell out before they've even hit the website. On a styling note, I have found that the sizes for the tops are generous so if you are between sizes go down.


Clare Edwards personal stylist sevendaystyle

Personalised beach basket - Seat Threads £35

This website is just a delight. There are only a handful of products on offer but they are just lovely. The fashion world is awash with the humble basket at the moment and some companies are happy to make the most of this and charge a small fortune for what is essentially a shopping basket. Seat Threads will personalise your basket for you at no extra cost and you can choose the thread colour for the name and tassel. They also do miniature versions for your mini-me. The company started as an upholsterer (which it still does) and the accessories were borne out of utilising the fabric offcuts. Genius.


Clare Edwards personal stylist sevendaystyle

Flamingo tee - Kindred £25

Kindred sells organic printed t-shirts and sweatshirts and once you've bought one piece you just can't help going back for more. Be sure to follow them on Instagram as they regularly launch Instagram only products and they have been known to sell out within hours. You've got to be in it to win it.


Clare Edwards personal stylist sevendaystyle

Have a nice day clutch bag - SWYC £28

I absolutely love this bag and whenever I use it I get lots of compliments on it. It does look like a certain bag by Ms. Hindmarch but it's about a twentieth of the price. The brand was started by Charlotte and once she was featured on style blog A Style Album by Louise Redknapp and Emma Rose Thatcher the products really took off. The rest, as they say, is history. The website is full of all sorts of bags and jewellery that can be personalised and new products are added regularly.


Clare Edwards personal stylist sevendaystyle

Ziggy rainbow cloud cashmere jumper - Wyse £195

There are a lot of fledgling cashmere companies out there, I know, but I do particularly like Wyse. The pieces are classic with a twist so are worth the investment rather than being a fashion flash-in-the-pan. I also find the cashmere more hardwearing than some others. If you do have pilling on your cashmere invest in a pony wool comb from Amazon and lightly brush.


Clare Edwards personal stylist sevendaystyle

Colt Runner in blue jean - Rose Rankin £178

Now, I know these are a little pricey but if you do find that you wear trainers more often than not in any given week then I do think it is worth investing in a well made pair. Rose Rankin (and Air & Grace below) are some of the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear and they come in classic shapes with a modern edge.


Clare Edwards Personal Stylist sevendaystyle

Shimmie espadrille - Air & Grace £119

Now this is one brand you probably have heard of especially if you are partial to a trip to John Lewis. The company was started by footwear designer Claire Burrows who was tired of wasting good money on uncomfortable shoes. It seemed she was not the only one and Air & Grace has gone from strength to strength and is now being stocked by John Lewis. I have two pairs of the Copeland trainers and I must say they are just so incredibly comfortable.

I hope that's given you a bit of food for thought and that you have discovered something new. Let me know your favourite small brands and together we can start a fashion revolution.