Yellow is a colour that most people instantly shy away from. While it is wonderfully sunny and uplifting get the shade wrong and you can look like a five-year-old. Treat yellow as a neutral and you will find it much easier to wear. A muted shade of yellow will in fact go with the majority of other colours. 


Mustard - An incredibly versatile hue it looks especially fresh when paired with blues and greens. It has a perfect partner in indigo and emerald. The fashion-forward among us may wish to pair it with teal or cranberry. For a more casual combination go for jeans and a navy blazer.

Camel - This is the classic among classics and is flattering to most skin tones. Be careful if you have blonde hair and a yellow-based complexion though as you don't want to get lost in a sea of beige tones. Camel lends a grown up vibe to pale pink and tones beautifully with pale blue and grey. Go for an unexpected pairing and team with spicy orange. Experiment with textures too and don't just reach for the standard camel coat.

Daffodil - This is a beautiful warm shade of yellow that instantly brings a smile to everyone's face. It co-ordinates beautifully with tan, blush pink and dark green as well as navy blue. If it's just too much for you then try it as an accent piece like a bag, bracelet or belt.

Citron - Pale yellow can make your complexion appear washed out so keep it away from the face. Team it with brown-based neutrals or black to give it some gravitas. It is a very feminine tone so you can either play this up by wearing it in floaty silky fabrics or buck the trend and try heavier wool materials. Make sure you break out the bronzer to add some colour to your complexion.


PHOTO: Courtesy of Gucci, Sonia Rykiel and Burberry Prorsum